2008-04-29: Finished!

The project organization has been disbanded as the project achieved its goals. Thanks to everyone for participating! New challenges await.

2008-03-31: 3 weeks

There are only three weeks to go. 3rd JORY and 1st workshop have been held and Arja and Ville have been project managers. At the moment project manager is Mika and project secretary is Annu.

2008-01-29: 2nd JORY

2nd JORY (executive meeting) was held at Moventas.

2008-01-07: Start your mowers!

Lawn mower has been started again after the holiday season.

2007-12-14: 2nd PM and PS

The second project manager is Jyrki and project secretary is Arja.

2007-12-03: 1st JORY

1st JORY (executive meeting) was held at Moventas.

2007-11-21: Workshop

Workshop was held at Moventas' facilities to produce project plan and finish up project contract.

2007-11-15: Start-up meeting

The start-up meeting was held at Moventas' facilities.

2007-11-13: 1st project manager

The first project manager is Annu.

2007-11-05: Group formed

Groups were formed in Majakoski.

2007-10-29: Course started

Management of a Project course started.